TMAXparty, NEOPANTASTIC, Summer Film Party. 2017 has been a busy year for film parties – film in general and there’s more yet to come before the year is out.

Unlike the recently finished Summer Film Party 2017, where we were shooting pretty much any film within certain ISO restrictions, DeltaDefJam returns to a tried and tested format:

Shoot as much ILFORD Delta Professional film in any format and any variant (fresh or expired) as you like during each of the shoot weeks listed below, develop and then post your pictures during each post week.

You can shoot your film however you please but be aware that we will be short listing just three entries per day for each day of each shoot week.

This means (letting you into a secret here), when you do post, it might be wise to spread your entries out across the whole of post week, as opposed to posting everything on a single day.

Just like TMAXparty, NEOPANTASTIC and FP4party, we’re asking you to include a hashtag (#DeltaDefJam) and tag the @DeltaDefJam Twitter account in all of your posts. This is so that we can track entries for short listing and of course, share your DELTA goodness!

At the end of each shoot week listed below, the judges and I will be shortlisting each day’s entries and posting them here for you to review!

Here’s the schedule:

September 2017
Shoot week: 4th-10th
Dev week: 11th-17th
Post week: 18th-24th

October 2017
Shoot week: 2nd-8th
Dev week: 9th-15th
Post week: 16th-22nd

November 2017
Shoot week: 6th-12th
Dev week: 13th-19th
Post week: 20th-26th


And in case you were wondering about an underlying theme for this three month event, Technotronic summed it up perfectly in 1990. See for yourself:


See you out there, folks!




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