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The best of #DeltaDefJam October 2017The best of #DeltaDefJam October 2017

The best of #DeltaDefJam October 2017

Hello and welcome to the best of #DeltaDefJam October 2017! With October’s post week in full swing, it’s time to take a look back 16-21 October’s post week.

The party saw 191 entries over the course of post week and it’s a pretty tight crowd.

Here goes!




October 16th 2017

Claudio Gomboli‏ – @gomboli

…and it’s also @DeltaDefJam time!
Day 1, Nikon F3 50mm, @ILFORDPhoto Delta 3200 + red filter.
#DeltaDefJam #StreetPhotography

2017-11-16 - Claudio Gomboli‏

2017-11-16 – Claudio Gomboli‏



Patrick‏ – @patrick_photog

Tree (and accidental double exposure)
@DeltaDefJam #DeltaDefJam
@ILFORDPhoto #delta400 #lomo
#believeinfilm #filmisnotdead

2017-11-16 - Patrick

2017-11-16 – Patrick



Andrew Bartram‏ – @Warboyssnapper

@DeltaDefJam #PostWeek #Day1 made some prints yesterday #Delta3200 #DDX1+4 #MGRC paper #FujiGW690 #Believeinfilm

2017-11-16 - Andrew Bartram

2017-11-16 – Andrew Bartram



Denise‏ – @mybluephase

#DeltaDefJam I pinholed delta 400 because @3eyedmonster said i probably shouldn’t😄
Staff room pinhole break /Diana MPO

2017-11-16 - Denise

2017-11-16 – Denise




October 17th 2017

Andrew Bartram‏ – @Warboyssnapper

Fenland Another View #10 #flickr @DeltaDefJam #DeltaDefJam #PostWeek #Emulsivefilm #GW690 #Delta3200 #DarkroomPrint

2017-11-17 - Andrew Bartram

2017-11-17 – Andrew Bartram



Patrick‏ – @patrick_photog

@DeltaDefJam #DeltaDefJam
@ILFORDPhoto #delta400 #lomo
#believeinfilm #filmisnotdead

2017-11-17 - Patrick

2017-11-17 – Patrick



Adi W – @adiw1202

“Day turning into night”- the view from the 70th floor. #ilfordfilm Delta 100 with #Heliar 15mm. #DeltaDefJam #IlfordPhoto #believeinfilm #LosAngeles @ILFORDPhoto @DeltaDefJam

2017-11-17 - Adi W

2017-11-17 – Adi W



Ashley B Williams‏ – @Grumpyfck

Day 2 #1
Bronica s2a – Delta 400 in DD-X 1:6
@DeltaDefJam #DeltaDefJam #believeinfilm

2017-11-17 - Ashley B Williams

2017-11-17 – Ashley B Williams




October 18th 2017

Monobod‏ – @JohnScarbro1

#DeltaDefJam Tired Delta 3200 @ 1600 DD-X @ILFORDPhoto OM 10 Tamron 24 mm deep red filter #expiredfilm #beliveinfilm @DeltaDefJam

2017-11-18 - Monobod

2017-11-18 – Monobod



Stephen S‏ – @fresnel10

Mmmmore neon. Took Enoch tries to get a good photo of this sign. @ILFORDPhoto Delta 100 & Canon A1. #DeltaDefJam

2017-11-18 - Stephen S

2017-11-18 – Stephen S



Ashley B Williams‏ – @Grumpyfck

Day 3 #2 Mamiya c330
Delta 100, DD-X 1:6.
@DeltaDefJam #DeltaDefJam #52cameras52weeks @SoperfectImages #believeinfilm

2017-11-18 - Ashley B Williams

2017-11-18 – Ashley B Williams



II – @3eyedmonster

High Shoals Falls #believeinfilm #nclife #lubitel #ilfordfilm #delta3200 #DeltaDefJam #waterfall

2017-11-18 - II

2017-11-18 – II




October 19th 2017

Marcin Bajer‏ – @rrrodrigo

Vintage Gaming Parlor
📷 Bronica ETRS with 50/2.8
🎞 @ILFORDPhoto #Delta100
🛁 HC-110 1:63
#DeltaDefJam #Kraków #mediumformat #believeinfilm

2017-11-19 - Marcin Bajer

2017-11-19 – Marcin Bajer



Tim Dobbs‏ – @timdobbsphoto

“Spare Tyre” … another for #DeltaDefJam .. Olympus OM1n on ilford Delta 400 dev i Rodinal #believeinfilm #filmsnotdead @ILFORDPhoto

2017-11-19 - Tim Dobbs

2017-11-19 – Tim Dobbs



Monika‏ – @DrMarsRover

Untitled from Housebound series
@ILFORDPhoto Delta 100 RSS 6×6 pinhole

2017-11-19 - Monika

2017-11-19 – Monika



Martin Foot‏ – @martinfoot

#DeltaDefJam time! Woman outside St Paul’s, London. @ILFORDPhoto Delta 400 and Ilfosol 3/Ilfostop/Rapid Fix. @DeltaDefJam #filmisnotdead

2017-11-19 - Martin Foot

2017-11-19 – Martin Foot




October 20th 2017

Matt P.‏ – @mparry1234

Byway, byway, byway, byway, grey day. Delta 400 #Deltadefjam

2017-11-20 - Matt P

2017-11-20 – Matt P



Ashley B Williams‏ – @Grumpyfck

Quantity over quality today.
Day5 #1 Bronica s2a. Delta 100. DD-X 1:6
@DeltaDefJam #DeltaDefJam #believeinfilm

2017-11-20 - Ashley B Williams

2017-11-20 – Ashley B Williams



Jason Self‏ – @thisJasonSelf

Autumn textures
#DeltaDefJam @DeltaDefJam
📷: #canoneos3
🎞: @ilfordphoto #delta100
⚗️: ilfosol 3 (1+9) #believeinfilm

2017-11-20 - Jason Self

2017-11-20 – Jason Self



jonas‏ – @jonasx70

Delta 3200, it’s fast enough to even get your kid sharp! 😉 #DeltaDefJam @ILFORDPhoto #believeinfilm #enjoyfilm #shootfilm

2017-11-20 - Jonas

2017-11-20 – Jonas




October 21st 2017

Stephen S‏ – @fresnel10

I guess since #DeltaDefJam post week is winding down, I might as well go back to some #XPan. @ILFORDPhoto Delta 100 & Fuji TX-1

2017-11-21 - Stephen S

2017-11-21 – Stephen S



Tim Dobbs‏ – @timdobbsphoto

“Belt Drive” .. Olympus OM1n on ilford Delta 400 for #DeltaDefJam #believeinfilm #filmsnotdead @ILFORDPhoto #Analogue

2017-11-21 - Tim Dobbs

2017-11-21 – Tim Dobbs



Adi W – @adiw1202

Whaaa???? – #ilfordfilm Delta 100 #DeltaDefJam #believeinfilm @DeltaDefJam @ILFORDPhoto

2017-11-21 - Adi W

2017-11-21 – Adi W



Stig‏ – @Stig_Ofthedump

One Park West reflecting in Canning Dock #DeltaDefJam Fuji GS645S loaded with @ILFORDPhoto Delta 100 #Liverpool @DeltaDefJam

2017-11-21 - Stig

2017-11-21 – Stig




October 22nd 2017

EFRS blog‏ – @EFRSblog

#filmisnotdead #believeinfilm #pentax67 #DeltaDefJam @ILFORDPhoto @raven_tat Crete #redfilter

2017-11-22 - EFRS Blog

2017-11-22 – EFRS Blog



Adi W – @adiw1202

Abstract Cubism? 😉- for @IsabelCurdes This is the messed up final frame of #llfordfilm Delta 100 #DeltaDefJam #Believeinfilm @DeltaDefJam @ILFORDPhoto

2017-11-22 - Adi W

2017-11-22 – Adi W



Tim Dobbs‏ – @timdobbsphoto

“Tracks” .. Olympus OM1n on ilford Delta 400 for #DeltaDefJam @ILFORDPhoto #believeinfilm #filmsnotdead

2017-11-22 - Tim Dobbs

2017-11-22 – Tim Dobbs



Stefano‏ – @plusloin_music

“Lights” #contaxt3 @ILFORDPhoto #Delta100 @DeltaDefJam #DeltaDefJam #believeinfilm

2017-11-22 - Stefano

2017-11-22 – Stefano

And that’s it all, thank you all for reading!

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  1. Wow glad to have the kiddo in on his!

    Many great entries this round!

  2. @DeltaDefJam Surprised, and pleased, to see two of mine on here! There’s so many other great submissions that deserve it more

  3. @DeltaDefJam Great selection. Gonna be a tough choice


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