EMULSIVE March 2018: month in review

March came and went so fast that it’s only just now that I’m getting to grips with what happened. 31 days and 51 article. Job done, as they say.

As ever, there was a lot going on but to make thing a little easier, I’ve listed the ten most popular articles, as considered so by you below.

Happy reading!

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In conversation with: Fernando “Bobit” Afable / Fotobaryo – by Aislinn Chuahiock

Aislinn went out on a limb and grabbed some time to sit down with Fernando “Bobit” Afable one-time darkroom manager of New York’s International Center of Photography. It’s a wonderful look into a slide of a time gone by, as well as one man’s efforts to keep film photography alive in his native Philipines.


5 Frames With… IMAGO Direct Positive Paper (EI 6 / 4×5 / Chamonix 45n2) – by Montague Fendt

Montague Fendt submitted this wonderful 5 Frames With… submission, all shot on IMAGO’s Direct Positive paper with his Chamonix 45n2 large format camera.


Featured Project: Phobetor – Of myths and nightmares – by Joy Celine Asto

Phobetor is an exploration by Joy of translating her dreams and nightmares into visual stories,  working with performance artist Paolo Dumlao.


The Hasselblad V-System master guide: film magazines, instant and sheet film backs

The second part of my 2018 opus managed to make it into the most popular articles published in March and even if I do say so myself, it’s a goodie.


Dear Benice 3: A little help on the road to LOMO?

Continuing to do her good work, Nana Benice helps an errant large format photographer understand the steps he needs to take to move his work to the next level and go all ЛOMO.


Review: Kodak Film Strip Creator – by Kikie Wilkins

Kikie put together a review of his first purchase of Kodak’s Film Strip Creator – think business cards and promotional material printed on 35mm film.


How To Shoot Street Portraits: A Practical Guide – by Anil Mistry

It does what it says on the tin. Anil Mistry shares his common sense guide to shooting street portraits. The help and advice that Anil has provided here shouldn’t be underestimated, so please do make sure you check it out.


Featured project: Black Gold – by Tim Heubeck

Tim’s back on EMULSIVE, this time talking about his new photo book project. In the article, Tim talks about the project itself, as well as his thoughts an experiences with preparing and publishing the book. Great advice for other photographers in the same boat.


In my darkroom #01: Craig Pindell

March saw the beginning of a new occasional series here on EMULSIVE: In My Darkroom. It invites darkroom printers of all ages and levels of experience to share their darkroom setups, whether they be at home, at the office or on the move. Friend of EMULSIVE Craig Pindell helps to kick off part one!


How to create Polaroid emulsion lifts – by Matt Parry

When Matt asked if I’d be interested in sharing his instant film emulsion lift process, I nearly tore his arm off. Don’t let him know. This is a fantastic, practical, step-by-step guide on making your own.


…and then there’s everything else



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