EMULSIVE June 2018: month in review

Welcome to the month that was June 2018: 30 days, 21 daily photos and 26 articles…all just in time for the end of July. There’s great timing for you…or something to that effect.

So, without further ado, here’s every single article and photograph published on EMULSIVE in June 2018, starting with the ten most popular articles as decided by you, and ordered by their publish date.


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Camera review: the Rollei SL66 – by Dave Varo

Dave Varo shares his review of the very special Rollei SL66, Rollei’s only forray into medium format Single Lens Reflex cameras and something unique amongs all medium format SLRs.

Bag review: the new Billingham Hadley Small Pro part one

After using this bag for a few months, I felt it was about time I released the first part of my extended review of the new Hadley Small Pro.

EMULSVE interview #183: I am Amy Jasek and this is why I shoot film

The wonderful Amy Jasek agreed to take part in my interview series. She’s a prolific photographer and an incredibly active member of the analogue photography community. Get comfortable and settle in for a great read.

5 Frames With… Kodak T-MAX P3200 (EI3200 / 35mm / Canon EOS 1V) – by-Raymond van Mil

Raymong approached me back in May asking if I’d be interested in featuring a 5 Frames With taken on Kodak’s new T-MAX- P3200 but with a twist: every frame is a print.

Introducing the pixl-latr: democratising the digitisation of film [with exclusive creator Q&A]

After years of prototyping, testing and refining, 35mmc’s Hamish Gill finally released his pixl-latr on Kickstarter and whilst the campaign has now (successfully) ended, there’s a little Q&A I had with him, which may pique your interest.

Where are my effing pictures? Or, finding an archive system for my film photography – by Olli Thomson

Olli Thomson is back with a guest post on EMULSIVE, this time to talk about his trials and tribulations finding an archiving system for his film negatives.

Announcing: CineStill Df96 “DEVELOPER&FIX” Monobath

Another black and white monobath developer joins the fray! Available worldwide and capable of developing up to 16 rolls of film until it’s exhausted, Df96 joins a growing number of modern, accessible monobath solutions.

How-to: creating a photo book, some do’s and don’ts – by Anil Mistry

I’m so pleased to be able to share this informative article from Anily Mistry, distilling his experience of creating photo books into 12-ish deceptively simple steps.

How-to: convert a disposable camera to shoot BW infrared film – by Lucy Wainwright

The camera mod of the summer and that’s all I’ll say about that. OK: its a simple, effective mod to allow you to shoot black and white infrared film on almost any disposable or toy film camera.

I am Yan Wang Preston and this is why I shoot film

I was introduced to Yan Wang Preston’s Mother River series by Scott Hays and jumped at the chance of getting her on for an interview.

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