Welcome to the month that was July 2018 here on EMULSIVE: 31 days, 22 daily photos and 24 articles. I’ve got my personal favourites, naturally but this isn’t about my weird likes, no. It’s about what you and every other EMULSIVE reader most enjoyed reading in July.

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Camera review: the Pentax 645 – by Martin Jeffrey

Martin Jeffrey’s here with a personal review of the Pentax 645. It’s more thought and feeling than tech spec and well worth checking out.

EMULSIVE interview #185: I am Abigail Crone and this is why I shoot film

Abigail is an analogue force of nature and I highly recommend giving her interview a read before you go check out her Polaroid Round-Ups on the Film Shooter’s Collective.

Camera review: Fuji INSTAX Square SQ6 – by Raymond van Mil

Regular contributor Raymond van Mil put together a great review on the new Fuji INSTAX SQ6 – Fuji’s first foray into an analogue Instax Square camera.

Camera review: Zeiss Ikon Nettar II 517/16 6×6 folding camera – by David Hume

Join David and his love affair with this lovely folder – his since the early 1990s. If you’ve been suffering from pocketable 120 folder GAS, it’s probably a good idea for you to keep scrolling.

Every single film stock still made today part 5: Oriental to Rollei

I’m nearly done with my mammoth listing of every single film stock still being made today, with part five being the penultimate film listing. If you think there are only a handful of choices out there, this series is here to prove you very, very wrong.

Repulsion to attraction – My Kodak T-MAX 400 story so far – by Mauro Pastore

Not everyone gets on with every single film stock the first, second or even third time around (ask me about ILFORD Delta 3200 Professional). Here’s Mauro with his journey using Kodak T-MAX 400.

Welcome to PortraParty 2018: Celebrating 20 years of Kodak Portra-films

Film parties are back on EMULSIVE with a bang and we’re kicking things off with a tribute to this amazing film stock. It doesn’t matter if you have access to older NC/VC stocks or the latest VISION imbued Portra, shoot what you can and post from August through October.

5 Frames With… Kodak EKTACHROME Infrared EIR (35mm / EI 200 / Olympus OM-1n) – by Sandeep Sumal

I’m so, so very pleased to be able to publish this series of Sandeep’s images of London taken on Kodak EKTACHROME Infrared EIR. Prepare to be amazed.

Sibling rivalry Fujica GS645 & GS645S street photography shootout – by Michael Duke

I asked Michael if he could put together a comparative review of the Fuji GS645 and GS645S rangefinder cameras and wow, did he deliver. If you’ve ever wondered what separates these two 1980s medium format street shooters, immerse yourself in a bit of clarity.

Camera review: The mystery 6×7 rangefinder aka “The Nameless Camera” – by David Henderson

This interesting camera popped up on Twitter a few months ago and David was kind enough to share his thoughts on it with EMULSIVE readers. It’s bafflingly well made but seemingly anonymous. If you have any leads that can help us to identify the designer/builder, I’d love to hear them.

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