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EMULSIVE August 2018: month in reviewEMULSIVE August 2018: month in review

EMULSIVE August 2018: month in review

Welcome to the 31 days, 26 articles and 23 Daily Photo posts that was August 2018 here on EMULSIVE. EMULSIVE Santa 2018 opened its doors to public registrations, I finally finished the main listing part of my “Every single film stock still made today” series and I featured the work of 95 year old WWI veteran, documentarian and portrait photographer extraordinaire, Tony Vaccaro.

The top ten most read articles follow below, so grab a drink and get stuck in.

Over to you.

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EMULSIVE Secret Santa 2018 Public registration is now open

After two weeks of closed registration for participants of the past three years of events, registration for this year’s global secret Santa was finally opened to the public and at the time of writing we have ~750 players taking part. If you’ve not already signed up, please do so. If you have, well, please help spread the word. The Santa team and I would love to hit 1000 players this year.

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5 Frames With… Cinestill Tungsten 800 (35mm / EI 800 / Minolta x-700) – by Mila Galinova

Mila has a thing for tungsten film. Actually, that’s a little bit of an understatement. She LOVES it. Check out her 5 Frames With fron August 6th.

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Camera review: teak wood meets carbon fibre, the Chamonix C45F-2 4×5

Jens is back on EMULSIVE with another wonderful contributed article. This time, he’s steering away from his DIY 4×5 pinhole and giving us a review of his absolutely stunning Chamonix CF45F-2 large format field camera.

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EMULSIVE interview #185: I am Tony Vaccaro and this is why I shoot film

WWII veteran and photographer of some of the most culturally significant figures from 20th Century Western popular culture, art, politics and industry.

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Featured project: PhotoKlassik International magazine – issue one on Kickstarter

PhotoKlassik has been serving the German-speaking wirld for six years now and are finally hitting the international stage with PhotoKlassik International. The Kickstarter was successful and the magazine will be unveilled at Photokina in September.

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Film review: Kodak ColorPlus 200 and Fuji Fujicolor C200 compared

Howard Xiaopeng brings us this excellent direct comparison of Kodak’s ColorPlus 200 and Fuji’s Fujicolor C200. If you are interested in putting together something in the same vein, I would love to feature it.

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Camera review: the Kodak Instamatic 500 or, why I love 126 format film – by Ian Fleming

126 format film and cameras are alive and kicking, as Ian Fleming explains here in his review of the Kodak Instamatic 500.

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Every single film stock still made today – Part 6: Shanghai to Yodica

My series on every single film stock still being made today is coming to a close. A final part which lists all the films in the series is coming later in September but part six here closes off the main listing. I’m happy to say that at ~180 film stocks listed, it’s already missing a few newcomers!

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How-to: Load a Paterson System 4 film development tank – by Malcolm Myers

Loading film into reels for developing at home or in a public darkroom can be a frustrating experience for newcomers. Thankfully Malcolm is here with this very simple guide on how to do it painlessly and effortlessly.

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The definitive analogue photography podcast list AKA soothe the soul and inspire the heart

There are so many film photography podcasts out there, with what feels like more coming each month. I made an effort to put together the definitive list, which you can find here with notes and liks to each one. Enjoy!

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