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Thirty-two articles and 16 photographs made up the month that was April 2018 here on EMULSIVE. There’s only one reasonable way to put them all in one place and that’s this list. If you missed anything, here’s where you get your fix.

Let’s start with ten most popular articles as decided by you laid out in the order in which they were published.

Here we go:

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I am Clara Araujo and this is why I shoot film

So happy to have been able to feature the work and words of occasional EMULSIVE contributor, Clara Araujo. Once you’re done, please check out her take on portrait photography and double exposure portraiture.

Every single film stock still made today part 1: ADOX to Dubblefilm

A brand new six-part series created in conjunction with Phil Harrison, which details every single film stock currently in production. Part one kicks things off with 20 film stocks from ADOX CMS to Dubblefilm Sunstroke.

Silver craft: creating a fine print, from contact sheet to fiber – by Monika

Monika gives us a peek into her process, following one frame from pre-visualisation through to the final print. It’s not a how-to but something better.

Film tests: getting the best out of FERRANIA P30 Alpha – by Scott Micciche

Scott Micciche has spent months testing and retesting FERRANIA P30 Alpha in a number of developers, dilutions and development schemes. These are the first sets of results he’s decided to share with the community. If you’re used to seeing P30 Alpha looking like an ortho film, prepare to be surprised at what it can achieve.

Camera review: the Zenza Bronica ETRS – Workhorse, or Hippopotamus…? – by Neil Piper

I’m going to go with Hippopotamus but having never shot one, I think you should find out for yourself by reading Neil’s review of this classic medium format, er, workhorse.

The Hasselblad V-System master guide: C and C T* lenses

My Hasselblad maser guide continues with its latest instalment on the earliest C and C T* lenses for V-System cameras. CF lenses will be covered very soon, so get yourself caught up!

Every single film stock still made today part 2: Ferrania to Hillvale

April also saw part two of my six-part every-single-film-stock-still-in-production series, which details 36 film stocks from Ferrania P30 Alpha to Hillvale’s Sunny 16 (Fuji 400 colour print film harvested from disposable cameras).

Film review: Kodak EKTACHROME E100G – by James King

Part travelogue, part film review, James King’s here with his first film review-elogue here on EMULSIVE: expired medium format Kodak EKTACHROME E100G.

Lens review: the 7artisans 35mm f/2 Leica M-mount lens – first production batch exclusive

I managed to snag one of the very first productions copies of the brand new M-mount 7artisans 35mm f/2 lens and it’s a bit of a gem. Based on a Sonnar design, the lens provides a unique character in a light, compact package. Check out the review and the results of three rolls of film shot with it.

Film review: comparing Fuji ACROS 100, ILFORD Delta 100 Professional and Kodak T-MAX 100 – by Daniel Marinelli

Daniel shares details of test he conducted to see which of these three films provide him with the best results.

…and then there’s everything else

Thanks for reading!

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Photography: Hello…follow me – Shot on Fuji Provia 100F RDPIII at EI 100 (120 Format)

5 Frames… With Fomapan 100 Classic (EI 100 / 4×5 format / DIY Pinhole) – by Jens Kotlenga


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