Here’s a wrap-up of everything you may have missed on EMULSIVE in May 2018. With only one more day left in June, expect another one of these towards the middle of July!

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RANTS: Who really cares if …”XYZ did it first”?

I started the month with a little ranting – something you can expect to become a regular-ish feature of the site and something you are welcome to add to with your own. The inaugural rant? Why I don’t care if someone did something first.

Camera review: The Pentacon Six TL, a (hopefully) comprehensive guide to a legend – by Ludwig Hagelstein

Ludwig was kind enough to put together a review of the Pentacon Six TL and document both the camera and his love-hate relationship. His experiences largely mirror my own with this beautiful/terrible beast…

In Conversation With: Albert Roig Collell of CARMENCITA Lab

Aislinn spent quite a bit talking to Albert over at Spain’s CARMENCITA lab, the labs history and roots, as well as what exactly makes a modern film lab tick.

Blind film review #02: CineStill 800T vs Kodak Portra 400 in 120 format

I thought it was high time to release my second blind film review, although unlike part one’s three-way battle, there are only two this time round. The results may well surprise you.

Film review: ORWO N 74plus ISO 400 black and white negative film

Nandakumar has one hundred rolls of film sitting behind this review – all based around photography that documents India. It’s an excellent read, with some real depth about how the film handles different and the photography is stunning.

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A new TETENAL product for (and from) the film community?

New TETENAL are looking for feedback from the community on their first round of new products following their takeover of the old business. Comments are still open, so please add yours.

How I built my darkroom for less than $500

Fritz approached me some months ago asking if I was interested in sharing his low-cost darkroom build and details of exactly what he bought, why and how. Yes, there are people who get amazing deals on darkroom kit and no I’m not one of them.

5 Frames With… Fuji Pro 400H (35mm / EI 400 / Nikon F100) – by Mac MacDonald

Mac documents a recent shoot captured with his Nikon F100 on Fujifilm Pro 400H film.

Amazing canned food pinhole selfies (featured project and how to)

Chris Hunter approached me about this project a while back and I’ll admit to being both a little confused and a little stunned by his results – how exactly did he manage to get canned food tins to take selfies of themselves?

Changing gear: how the theft of my kit pushed me into medium format

Finishing off the month was Ted with his story on how he got into medium format photography with the Hasselblad V-System. Well, well worth your time!

…and here’s everything in order of publication

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