5 Frames… With ILFORD HP5 PLUS (EI 1600 / 35mm format / Leica M4) – by Paul A J Lewis

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I live in North-East Lincolnshire in the UK and was raised in the coastal town of Cleethorpes, a once glorious Victorian seaside resort whose star has now largely faded. Growing up in this area, I find that I’m fascinated by the faded glamour of Britain’s coastal resorts, which despite their evident deterioration are a testament to an important part of our cultural heritage.

In March 2018, I paid a visit to the Cleethorpes seafront with my family, as I often do, and took along my Leica M4 with the Zeiss Planar 50mm f/2 lens, photographing some street-style photography there. This camera/lens combo is a favoured combination of mine, and I love the results the Zeiss lens has when shooting with black and white film.

The day was overcast and the light was soft, which resulted in some pleasing images.

My M4 was loaded with ILFORD HP5 PLUS which I pushed to 1600 and developed in Kodak HC-110. I regularly shoot on ILFORD HP5 and usually push it to either 800 or 1600, depending on the time of year and the light. I bulk roll my own film and load it on to IXMOO cartridges for use in my M4 (I dislike the potential of the cheaper plastic cartridges to scratch your film.)

The negatives were scanned on a Plustek 8100 film scanner.

~ Paul

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