5 Frames… With Fujifilm Pro 400H (EI 400 / 120 format / Zenza Bronica SQ-A) – by Chris Hunter

I’ve been looking for a 120 ISO 400 colour film for a pinhole based project that I have in mind and whilst there is a good range of black and white and 35mm, choices are fairly limited for 120 roll film. I do like Fuji Superia in 35mm so even though I had never used Fujifilm Pro 400H I picked up a pack of five rolls to see what it was like. Before I got into the intricacies of the pinhole shooting I thought I’d put a roll through my Bronica SQ-A with Zenzanon-S 80mm f/2.8 lens to see how it was in general use.

Ever since my Dad gave me a 6×6 120 folder as a lad I have had a fondness for the square format and the Bronica SQ-A gives me that from an SLR; so on an overcast day I went for a wander around the village to see what caught my eye. The day was very dull and I was pushing it at times with hand-holding but I managed to get some shots that I was happy with so I finished off the 12 frames with a couple of indoor shots.

When I processed the film I was a little annoyed that they had not wound on properly and the final two frames were overlapping so these are the best of 10. I particularly like the jug and bottle photo which was just natural light with the subject on a windowsill. The frost on the green bench hasn’t really come out very strongly and the film does seem a bit flat on the highlights of all the frames but the colour rendition is generally good and the greens, in particular, seem to be vibrant and true. The brown and terracotta of the jug are perhaps a but deeper than in real life but I find them pleasing.

There weren’t many strong reds or blues around on such a grey day (the lost frames at the end were of daffodils) and perhaps another roll of a wider colour pallet might be worthwhile to get a real feel for this film

~ Chris

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Chris Hunter
I have had a relationship with photography for most of my 54 years, my Dad was a keen photographer and he got me started at a fairly young age with a 120 folder. I suppose since then I have always had a liking for 6x6 square format, which I still shoot on a Bronica SQ-A. For me photography is a fascination, I guess it is the right mix of technology and creativity and there is always something new to learn which is also true of my day job as a professional engineer and computer programmer.

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