5 Frames… With Fujifilm Fujicolor C200 (EI100 / 35mm format / Pentax MZ-S) – by Aivaras Sidla

When I started my path of analog photography somewhere in 2012, my first film stocks were widely available Fujifilm consumer-grade films – mostly Fujifilm Superia 200 and Fujicolor C200. Those films have their own subtle differences, but they share many similarities in look and handling. I like Superia a bit better, but first I’ll revisit Fujicolor C200.

Further into my photographic journey, I investigated many different negative films and found my favorite – Kodak Portra 400. My main reasons for prefering Portra over both Fuji those consumer films are:

  1. more accurate skin tones – Fuji has a tendency to go into red color.
  2. better handling of underexpose – fuji likes to get nasty green cast in underexposed areas.

However, both Fuji stocks, especially Superia 200 are very, very good films and I would definitely recommend them to anybody going into analog photography. I know that even some pros state that they prefer Superia to Portra – that’s very personal and individual decision. And lets not forget price issue – Portra is twice as expensive…

What I especially like both in Superia and C200 is that they create very painterly look. Combination of vivid a bit oversaturated colors, glow in highlights and pronounced but not intruding grain creates look that is just out of this world.

I shoot Fuji films only occasionally these days, but recent news about Agfa Vista Plus 200 discontinuing left me thinking about entry-level consumer film and triggered me to revisit my old love. Both old loves, you know… 😉

This, my first roll of Fujicilolor C200 was shot on my Pentax MZ-S, with SMC Pentax-FA 50mm f/1.4 Lens. I rated the film at ISO 100 to minimize green cast in shadow areas. All frames were shot at f/1.4.

And now I’ll turn to 5 rolls of Superia 200 from my fridge. So not saying goodbye, just good old “I’ll be back”.

For those that for some reason would like to see more of my shots – welcome to my dreams girls n’ boys: http://www.beautifulgrain.com



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