5 Frames… Of Baltimore’s East Side with Fomapan 400 Action (EI 320 / 35mm format / Canon A-1) – by Jerome Freeman

The following photos were taken February 2018 with a Canon A-1. At the time I was shooting Fomapan 400 Action since it was the cheapest film to buy in bulk to rolls. I had also just purchased a yellow filter for my 24mm lens and was excited to use it. Normally, I would’ve shot with a 50mm but decided to challenge myself with the 24mm.

This particular day another photographer and I met up to wander around Baltimore’s East Side to take photos in different neighborhoods. I enjoy taking photos in that specific area because of the urban decay. A lot of the neighborhoods in Baltimore have more character than downtown. Some blocks only had a few people living there surrounded by abandoned row houses.

Taking pictures in Baltimore is usually an interesting experience. It’s a small gritty city going through changes in development. It isn’t densely populated. Depending on where you are there aren’t many people walking around to engage with. A lot of times waiting in a specific area for things to unfold is necessary. Although when you do run into folks they’re genuinely curious to why you’re wandering around with an old camera. It’s great when that happens. Chatting up the person about why you’re in the neighborhood creates the opportunity to take a portrait.

Normally I’m happy to get three satisfying shots on a roll. But ended up in a few serendipitous moments. One which I thought was comical. Approaching a crosswalk without a cross button to push while a car zooms past. Sorta like cross at your own risk, and another walking down a mostly abandoned block I noticed a man walking in the street with a wheelbarrow. I quickly composed the shot and waited for the right moment for him to come into frame.

~ Jerome

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Jerome Freeman
Jerome Freemanhttps://jeromethehuman.com/
Photography has been a hobby of mine for about 10 years. I started taking photos on a Holga 135, just taking snapshots and experimenting with double exposures. Eventually I started developing and rolling my own film. My work consists of Polaroids and black & white photos of Baltimore and my family.

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  1. I’m usually not too much of a fan of double exposures but this is a fantastic photo. One of the coolest pics I’ve seen featured in five frames.

    The photo of the gentleman pushing the wheelbarrow is awesome as well.


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