5 Frames… With Cinestill 800T (EI 500 / 120 format / Minolta Autocord TLR) – by Anthony Cronin

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So I decided it was time to experiment with Cinestill 800. I got myself some rolls of 35mm and 120. My weapon of choice was my ever trustworthy Minolta Autocord TLR with its 75mm Rokkor lens. This is probably the second-best TLR available, slightly better than the Rolleicord and only surpassed by the wonderful Rolleiflex with Planar lens. It gave me 12 shots to test this film indoors and outside by day and at night.

As I was back in my childhood home of Cork on the South coast of Ireland, there were multiple colourful places on my doorstep. Over two days, I randomly took photos. Even asking three ladies on the lawn of an old stately home, Fota House, who were checking it out for a wedding, if would they mind modelling.

I rated the film at EI 500 and then knocked off EI 100 more anytime I had the warming tungsten conversion filter on.

The night shot of Kinsale (frame 4) with it’s characteristic West Cork brightly coloured buildings was a huge surprise. The tones are marvellous. The exposure was 10” at f/16. Using a tripod and cable release in all long exposures. The halation of the lamps adds to the image not takes away, as some write-ups indicated.

The range of this film and daylight rendering is excellent. I would always advise seeking to overexpose it by one or even two stops. It loves it.

The last shot on the roll and the first in the gallery above), was the Cathedral, St Colman’s Catherdral in Cobh, Co. Cork which dominates the town and harbour and would have been seen by all the Titanic passengers as they sailed away to their fate. This is also a long exposure of 10 seconds, indoors and no filter at f/16 with the camera focused to the hyperfocal optimum to get everything in focus.

I hope you enjoy.

~ Anthony

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3 thoughts on “5 Frames… With Cinestill 800T (EI 500 / 120 format / Minolta Autocord TLR) – by Anthony Cronin”

  1. Great to see your still loyal to film Anthony, love the night shots, Its a nice film Cinestill, I like it best used at night, it’s speed is a bonus. Have some 120 in the fridge and used a few rolls of 35mm around the city at night.


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