5 Frames… From Waneka Lake Park with ILFORD Delta 100 Professional (EI 100 / 120 format / Reality So Subtle 6X6F Pinhole) – by Kathleen E. Johnson

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Inspired by an ILFORD Photo November Camera Challenge on Twitter, I set out with my Reality So Subtle 6X6F.  Three goals in mind: 

  1. Work with my RSS using a contrast filter (the “F” means a filter can be attached)
  2. Satisfy the Story part of the Challenge
  3. Get started on “My Inner Monet

So more about the Challenge. For Part 1 we had a choice between telling a story and looking for patterns.  I chose to tell a story.  There is a very popular park two blocks from my house called Waneka Lake Park. The Waneka’s were major landowners and ranchers in the area.  They became quite wealthy selling off their land for development as my hometown, Lafayette, CO, began to grow in the late 20th Century.

The Lake was originally constructed in 1865 by impounding a Natural Spring, providing water for the ranch.  One Ranch Structure, the Granary, remains. The property changed hands several times through 1900 eventually belonging to town founder and local mine owner, Mary Miller (then called Miller and Harmon Lake). In the early 1900’s the Northern Colorado Power Company struck a deal with Mary Miller to split the cost of building an electrical power plant 50:50.  Opened in 1906 and enlarged in 1908, the Plant supplied 6000 kilowatts of power to the Boulder Area. Click Here to see the original Power Plant.

The Boat House occupies the original site of the Power Plant. The only evidence that remains are some of the Clinkers, a stoney residue of coal burned in a furnace (husband for scale). The present-day City Park is a 147-acre recreational area, with Frisbee Golf, boat rentals during the summer months, a 1.2-mile walking/hiking trail, a migratory bird sanctuary and for a small town pretty spectacular 4th of July Fireworks.

OK, I’m sure you can see goals #1 & #2, but what is “My Inner Monet“? It’s a matter of getting back to my photographic roots, summarized well by a quote:

” The richness I achieve comes from Nature, the Source of my Inspiration” – Claude Monet

Now I’m finding myself a bit burned out on the classic perfectly focussed landscape No, I will not be giving up my Mamiya-7’s.  But I will be exploring the ‘less well focussed’ with more pinhole photography using both my RSS 6X6F and RSS 6X9F, and my Diana and Holga Pinholes.

~ Kathleen

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Kathleen Johnson is a World Traveler, Outdoors Adventurer, Research Scientist and Photographer. She has been making photographs since childhood, but began serious photography as an undergraduate taking her first B&W photography class, and renewed an interest in B&W while living in Monterey, California, studying photography at Monterey Peninsula College. Kathleen’s preferred subjects are: Landscapes and Architecture. She makes silver prints in her own home darkroom.

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