This is my first use of Lomography Earl Grey 100. I had good expectations going in, having had wonderful retro results from an earlier roll of Lomography Color Negative 400 given to me by Bellamy Hunt of JCH from a Pentax 67 purchase.

The images were taken on a night walk on zany Wickenden Street in Providence, Rhode Island. This street is full of interesting window displays, dive bars and a great coffee shop. I shot these images outside-in on a cold winter night and in a thrift shop in dim light and drew all I could from the Nikon 50mm lens at f/1.4 handheld, mounted on the Nikon F3HP.

Shooting this roll reminded me of the precision of Nikon’s legacy film gear. I enjoy the results from the film. It has a nice fine grain and good contrast, true to Lomo’s word. And it is inexpensive! Is this another film (Fomapan 100) relabeled as Lomo and Arista film? Mr. GoogleSearch says so. While my EI is indicated as 100, I did not meter the shots and relied on the film’s latitude to do the rest.

Exposure times were either 1/30th or 1/15th of a second. Another stop of light was needed from Lightroom for the window shots and the digitized images handled this push well.

From these results I will shoot this film again in bright light to evaluate performance in that condition. As an aside, I love the Acros film simulation from my Fuji digital gear and Lomo Earl Grey produced images akin to my X100F Acros simulation.

The fine grain produced is as good as any I have experienced from black and white film.

~ Louis Sousa






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