I’m having a play around with some different film cameras at the moment and picked up an Olympus Superzoom 80G for $6. It’s horrid looking – pretty much like the planet post 2k! Oh…the 80’s and 90’s… wobble-wobble-flashback

Sure, it’s a tiny point and shoot and fully automatic, so you expect some randomness, but the focusing and overall results have really surprised me. It handles exposure and autofocus pretty well. It LOVES the flash and does a great job balancing it with available light too. Another highlight was being able to on occasion zoom to 70mm when subjects were more than a few steps away. It also hides the very loud shutter and film advance!

The results seem to be quite noisy compared to this film on more advanced cameras that I’ve used – and maybe a wee more saturated than I’ve become accustomed too. It’s hard to be exact though with processing and my scanning skills coming into play.

Anyway, this roll of Portra 160 was fun to shoot as to date as I’ve only shot 400. The camera compared to my MJU-II also actually seems to focus better too. The whole experience with such a small camera that ‘just works’ has really started to open my mind to watching and just creating more.

I have other digital cameras that could be set to Auto mode but it’s not the same – because I know I can look at the results – and it adds more distractions. This approach to shooting has also started to free up my search for perfection in images such as focus, sharpness, creative lighting and post editing. Most of all it is FUN!

I’ve just found a few other automatic point and shoots at thrift shops too, that will be fun to try and compare over the next few months. What a great time to be alive with so many film cameras available for us to play with. The full roll is over here: http://paulpetchphoto.com/olympus-superzoom-80g-portra-160/

~ Paul Petch



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