I remember the last time I shot on film was in 2008. After which, I switched to digital. There was a long break but I started shooting on film again and was looking for something different. Being an amateur, I was always a Kodak film user in the past, so when I found Kodak VISION3 250D 5207, I was very excited. Kodak VISION3 film is made for motion pictures and I was excited to shoot stills on a motion picture film for the first time. It’s an ISO 250 film, so I was curious about the grain. My biggest challenge was to find a lab in Malaysia that develops VISION3 in ECN-2 chemistry instead of C-41!

I found a lab that does ECN-2 processing. So, now the time to go shooting had arrived. I mostly prefer to play with shade and shadow, as I love to observe how they can enhance the mood in a photo. I shot some portraits indoor beside the window and also tried outdoors. I also tried a few experimental shots of shadow and highlights to see how VISION3 250D behaved in those situations.

After processing, I was quite satisfied. The 250D offered me very realistic colors; neither over-saturated nor muted. I didn’t find the film biased towards any specific color, although I didn’t test the film on a cloudy or rainy day, so I don’t know what the film’s performance is like on those days.

Another thing I like about this film is it balances shadow and highlights very well by protecting the highlights. Despite being an ISO 250 film, it has a fine grain which I like as well. In a nutshell, I would say that Kodak VISION3 250D is a very nice film to shoot both indoors and outdoors both in a sunny or other natural light conditions. It offers a very fine grain, well-balanced and neutral color reproduction.

I would recommend Kodak Vision3 250D as an interesting film to try.

~ Khandker

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