I’ve been shooting film most of my life, I’d say about 75% of my photos reside on Kodak Ektachrome slide film. When the digital age took over I got away from shooting film for a while. I still own my original Canon A1 that I purchased back in the late 70’s.

I was recently reading an article about how Canon was no longer going to make film cameras. The article mentioned the last film camera they made was the Canon EOS 1N. I had to have one, so I went on eBay and found some guy in Japan that had, as he put it an Excellent +++ EOS 1N camera body, so for $200 I bought it.

Even though I had not shot film in about 10 years I recently purchased some 20+ year old Kodak EKTACHROME film (stored in a deep freeze). The film has to be at least 20+ years old but what the heck let’s load it up and see what happens. Here are the results, taken at HAHA Tonka State Park in Missouri. Canon EOS 1N Film Camera, Canon 17-40mm lens. F16-22, Long Exposure, ASA160. Used a blue filter on shot #4 the rest are straight up 20+ year old Kodak Ektachrome film.

It seems the film has lost some of its saturation and color since I last used it, I guess 20 years in the deep freeze will have that effect, although I actually like the effect especially with the subject matter, a 100 year old castle in the middle of Missouri that burned to the ground leaving just the stone structure. I’ve added a sixth shot that was taken with the same camera with recently purchased Kodak Kodachrome Film:


As you can see the saturation, range and color is more what you’d expect to see in this photo as a comparison. Which photo do you prefer?

~ Daniel Kompass



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  1. Love the fifth shot in particular, and how the end of Canon’s film cameras inspired your purchase of a great film camera for $200. However, I’m confused by this statement:
    “I’ve added a sixth shot that was taken with the same camera with recently purchased Kodak Kodachrome Film.”

    Is this a typo? I sent my last rolls of Kodachrome to Duane’s in Parsons, KS in 2010. To my knowledge nobody is developing Kodachrome any longer.

    • I believe it was Kodachrome, thedarkroom.com develops Kodachrome and just about any film, send all my film there, just got back a roll of Infrared which I’ll post soon as I scan the slides. Glad you enjoyed the photos.

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