I used Fuji Natura 1600 for the first time in early December of 2018 during a three-day trip to Liverpool and its metropolitan area. I kept it as a treasure for occasions where street light was scarce during Winter. To make street photos in these areas it is necessary to use speeds as little 1/125 and it was for that reason I decided to use this film, of which I had heard wonders.

I used my Leica M7 with the Summicron 35 and the aperture that she offers me let me leave the rest to take street moments with the security of having adequate shutter speeds. I developed the film myself using a C-41 Tetenal kit and scanned it myself afterwards. The results were great. The film has a very contained grain for such a high ISO but it is especially good in very low light or indoor settings. It is there that it draws all its power, making us think that it is a 400 ISO color film.

Fuji’s colors are wonderful with very realistic skin tones, not washed out. The colors of this film are soft, highlighting the always so-green-greens the way other Fuji films do. I will repeat it in the future if I get more rolls, as it is now out of production, very difficult to obtain and very expensive.

Liverpool is a great city for street photography with its urban corners and colourful buildings and brick facades. The city of the Beatles offers us wonderful options for this type of photography and especially for color film.

Thanks for reading.

~ Jose Luis

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  1. Well done, great pictures – you got better results from this film than I did! (I have decided that Kodak Portra 800 only loses a stop compared to Natura 1600, yet produces far better results, so I will stick with Portra 800 when I need a fast film.)

    • Hello Ray,Thanks 🙂 Portra 800 is also a great film and fast.Other possibility if you want is the Fuji Superia Xtra 800.Fuji colors and fast.You can find it also as Fuji Venus 800 ( Japanese name) and at less in Europe is posible to buy it with a logical price and with a good expired date

    • Hello Cristian
      Thanks a lot.
      Well I have developed and scanned my self.Developed with Tetenal for c 41 and In have scanned with a Nikon cool Scan V ED.I use always this scanner for 35mm film color :).Thanks again

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