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Around Europe with the Zorki 4K

Around Europe with the Zorki 4K

I for the longest time fancied owning a completely mechanical rangefinder camera, but I always thought that they were out of my budget. That was until I, by utter chance, […]

Latest 5 film stock reviews

Film stock review: Cinestill BWXX - by Simon King

Film stock review: Cinestill BWXX

I started writing this article in 2019 and left it as a draft for EM here for quite a while. The reason for this is that while I enjoy writing, I don’t often think that my “reviews” are especially the most I have to offer. I wrote a disparaging follow up to a piece I’d […]

Foma Retropan 320 Soft: A valuable way of seeing

I recently wrote an article for 35mmc reacting to my inability to obtain one of my favorite films, Foma’s Retropan 320 Soft in 35mm format .In it, I touched briefly on why I shoot film and how Retropan has helped me understand that inclination more clearly. It has inspired me to consider this issue in greater […]

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