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Intertwined – Rollei Infrared 400 (35mm)


Rollei Infrared 400 shot at EI 25
Black and white infrared sensitive film in 35mm format


Intertwined - Rollei Infrared 400 shot at ISO25

Intertwined – Rollei Infrared 400 shot at ISO25



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  1. Thanks Toby, this is great. Love your results. I never managed to take the two cameras I converted but this has inspired me to try!

  2. Ah I see, so you are shooting IR film and have an IR filter on the lens as well.
    I have a D90 converted to shoot at 720nm. It’s not film though obviously.
    I have a Flicker gallery if you are interested?

  3. The reason for shooting at such a low EI is to compensate for the 720nm IR filter (R72) on the lens.

    The filter robs 4-5 stops of light, as well as filtering the transmission of most light below the 720nm wavelength.

    What you see here is an image formed primarily of infrared light.

    Objects which reflect a lot of IR light (the foliage), appear white.

    Check this out for a much fuller explanation :

    Hope that helps, Toby!

  4. What does pulling the film 4 stops do for it please?


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