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Authors and contributers

A big thank you for the time and effort the wonderful folks below have put into thinking about, writing about and generally messing about in the name of film photography.

Adib Mufty

Adib Mufty is a Film & TV director, visual conceptualizer and photographer. Being born and raised in Lebanon, a land filled with culture, struggle, and diversity, he decided to show the world his country from his own perspective, rebelling against all preconceived notions, perceptions, and mass media propaganda.

AJ White

Wedding, Portrait & Boudoir. Film & Digital. I'm here for the Tacos!!!

Alex Kurganov

I'm a self-taught photographer based in Prague, CZ. My favorite subject is landscape, but I tend to photograph whatever captures my eye or imagination.

Andreas Zieroth

Andrew Tonn

Andrew J. Tonn is a photographer, writer, and explorer. He has worked for newspapers as a staff writer and photojournalist and as a documentary reporter partnering with medical and humanitarian relief organizations in Central America, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, The United States, and South Asia. His work has been shown in numerous exhibitions, featured on ABC News and published by National Geographic Press, National Public Radio, Human Nature, Black and White Magazine, Wired Online Magazine, Minority Rights International and numerous other publications. Tonn is now working on long-term photo-essays concerning migration and public health in the Miskito Coast region of Honduras, El Salvador, and the U.S.-Mexican border as well as a multi-national project on human trafficking. He is based out of Washington D.C. and currently lives in India.

Andy Wasley

I've spent much of the last 13 years in some pretty bland places, so since finding my way into sunlight in 2008 I've had an increasingly nagging interest in recording what I see around me. Luckily my job and my fiancé take me to lots of wonderful places, both in my fabulous homeland, Britain, and further afield. It's good to make up for lost time.

Antonio Biagiotto

Hailing from Northern Italy, Antonio is a moslty medium format photographer working in 6×7 using his Pentax 67ii. Antonio is as enthusiastic about photography as he is passionate and has an immense body of work, which captures Italy’s beautiful countryside, as well as its urban sprawl.

Barnaby Nutt

If you google Ian Nutt you get an American football coach. Google Barnaby Nutt and you get me. So I prefer to use the latter for my online stuff. (Barnaby is actually my middle name). I've used film since there was no alternative. I was tempted away by the glittering technological delights of digital, but thanks mainly to 52 Rolls, I'm well and truly back to analogue. It kind of fits with the rest of my lifestyle of bicycles and fine ales. Surprisingly, I don't have a big beard.

Bruno Silva

Corinthiano Apostólico Romano, fotógrafo de rua e amante de analógico. Film is not dead. It just smells funny.

Christopher Schmidtke

I love taking photographs of people. On film. Yes, they still make film. For all the gear-nerds out there, I use an old Mamiya RB67 medium format camera and a Minolta XD7 for 35mm. I live in Würzburg, Germany and if you want to make some images or have any questions feel free to contact me.


Dan K

Dan K is a lifelong photography enthusiast and film camera collector. He has published numerous articles on and other photography blogs and has a chatty twitter blog @ZDP189 (link below).

Daniel J. Schneider

Film photographer and journalist. Web developer and projects producer for the Denver Post. Bigtime nerd; into tech, science, nature and comic books.

Daniel Tim

Daniel Tim lives in Helsinki, Finland and “rediscovered” film at the beginning of 2015 after a break of many years. Firmly hooked on shooting and pushing black and white films that puts even EMULSIVE to shame.

Darren Kelland

I am primarily a film photographer and like many people I started shooting with film when I was much younger. I didn't really fall in love with photography then though – that came much later. When I am taking photographs I look for simplicity. I want to find two or three elements that interact with each other. I don't like clutter so I try to strip out anything that I consider unnecessary. I love minimalism and black and white is better than colour for this purpose.

Dee Elegia

A Scottish self-taught analog/mixed media artist; I’m now a proud ‘jock’ living in Manchester. Creating with tangible imagery is what really drives and inspires me. I spend most days in my darkroom. I’ve been very humbled to have my work exhibited and published internationally. (My Dad thinks I’m ace).

Dizzy Cow

Pure and simple, I chase the light and take images of just about anything that catches my fancy, no matter the genre. I am all about finding those gold nugget moments in life and capturing them through photography.

Don Kittle

I'm Don Kittle and I am a freelance photographer based in Toronto, Canada. I love connecting with people and learning of their lives. Photography is a great venue for doing this and it helps to bring out the real you in your photographs. My love of nature is featuring more and more in my photographs. As you'll see in the portraits gallery, I really enjoy getting people out in nature and photographing them in dramatic settings.


Self confessed film-freak and filmphotography mad-obsessive. I push, pull, shoot, boil and burn film everyday, and I want to share what I learn. It might not all be right but it's a start.

Erik Gould

Gerhard Reininger

Gianluca Bevacqua

Gianluca is a fine art photographer based in the beautiful South of Italy. and runs

Ian Christie

Ian Christie is a landscape photographer from Kincardine Ontario, Canada.

Jacopo Brancati

Jacopo Brancati, born in 1966, is a photographer and journalist specializing in maritime history and ethnology. After obtaining a Political Sciences master’s degree at the University of Genoa, he oriented his photographic approach towards ethnology and social sciences. He is a correspondent for the French magazine Chasse-Marée and for the Italian Arte Navale. Associate member of the International Council of Maritime Museums, he carries out projects exploring the activities of seafaring people in their environment under different historical and geographical perspectives for the European maritime museums. His aim is to contribute to the study, protection and enhancement of European maritime cultural heritage. Its photographic works have been exhibited in France, Finland, Italy.

James Gifford-Mead

I work as a Professional photographer during the week but during my spare time for fun and pleasure, I like to shoot with film.

Jean-Christophe Wiart

Joffrey Carpentier

Jonas Lundström

#enjoyfilm and let the film community grow and prosper! me? known to some as the incident guy. shoot film, be happy~ read my woes as a new Mac user at #macdiary

Joy Celine Asto

Joy Celine Asto is a writer, aspiring photographer, and part-time traveler from Manila, Philippines. She finds bliss in exploring the world around her and documenting them in photos and stories. She runs on caffeine, lives on books, savors good music, and thrives in everything creative.

Kay Adams

Ever since I was 16, I tried to get my hands on everything related to photography. I started digital, but switched almost completely to analog photography. I work with all sizes, ages and types of cameras I can get a hold of. I develop and print by hand as well. My passion besides classical photos is to create something off the beaten tracks.

Kayla Medica

Kayla is from Sydney Australia, but spends her time working and travelling around Japan. She's a fan of plants, hiking, and film.

Lisa DeShantz-Cook

My name is Lisa DeShantz-Cook. I’m a writer and editor, live in Michigan just outside of Detroit half the year and on Lake Michigan on the western side of the state the other half. Photos here were taken on a Pentax K1000, Minolta SRT-102, and Olympus Pens (original and EE3); films used are Kodak Gold Max 400, Ektar 100, Agfa 200, Lomography Lomochrome Purple (shot at 200). My personal writing, photography and some poetry is at

Lorraine Healy

Lorraine Healy, is the author of “Tricks With A Plastic Wonder”, an eBook manual on the Holga camera. A native of Argentina and long-time US resident, she is an avid traveler still willing to haul insane amounts of film wherever she goes. Her website is, and her Holga book is available at

Louis Sousa

I am an enthusiast photographer happily shooting life in Southern New England.

Massimiliano Acanfora

Paul Margolis

Paul Margolis first picked up a camera at the age of 9. He is a largely self-taught documentary and fine art photographer whose subjects include people living on the margins of society, vanishing Americana, historic architecture, and the vibrancy of life on New York City’s streets.

Philipp Wortmann

Pierluigi Tolu

When I’m out shooting, everything from my daily life is magically erased; I’m completely immersed in the photographic world, and nothing else. It’s a sort of parallel world that has the ability to relax me and free my mind. It’s something magical….

Ribnar Mazumdar

Wasting film since God knows when! An expert on practically nothing.

Rob Davie

Rob is a photographer and writer living in York, UK. He loves film and film cameras and wishes he had more time to get out and use them! Rob is currently working on his first book entitled "Nowhere To Go" investigating the feelings associated with depression through photographs and written pieces.

Rob Hawthorn

London based photographer, shooting people and places. Love to experiment, love to use old gear. 90% film, 10% digital.

Robert Marsters

Some biographical text here please, Bob!

Roger Harrison

These days I mostly shoot film, especially with a Hasselblad 503CX and various 35mm cameras, including Olympus SLRs, a couple of Olympus rangefinders, a Contax G1 and various others. I also use a Crown Graphic 5x4. Seascapes tend to dominate my photographs. I blame my father for this, as it was his obsession I inherited. I live in Barry, a seaside town in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales. There are 3 beaches within a short walk of my home, each with its own distinct character and, most importantly from my point of view, its own light. Capturing that light on film has become my obsession.

Roy Fochtman

Sandeep Sumal

London and South East England based amateur film photographer. I enjoy wandering with my camera seeing what the world has to offer and how I can capture it. Oh and biscuits, I enjoy biscuits.

Sarah Arnoff

Sarah Arnoff Yeoman is a documentary, portrait/wedding and travel photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Shawn Mozmode

I am a photographer from the Rust Belt of the United States that creates images in an effort to tell dramatic and comedic stories. My narratives are often brought to life through individual as well as sequenced portraits.

Sina Farhat

I am a freelance photographer that enjoys challenges and discovering my world in photos! I teach photograpy and in my spare time I enjoy analog photography.

Tim Bergstrom

Guy with a boring day job but an interesting collection of cameras who occasionally pulls off a halfway decent shot.

Tim Dobbs

I`m Tim and a Printer by trade but have had a lifelong love of photography. I have been taking photographs for over 30 years and fun, informal portraits are my passion. I have a varied portfolio and I am open to any commissions and willing to travel. You can also track my 52 rolls project progress here:

Tom Rayfield

Photographer with a passion for shooting (and developing) medium format film.

Toni Skokovic

I am a Toronto, Canada, based enthusiast photographer. Railroads and nature have always fascinated me, a strange combo. With a lack of drawing talent, photography is the only way for me to attempt at capturing what I see and how I feel about the world around me. I have discovered film photography just recently (2015). To me, film offers unique ways to extend creative possibilities and build more technical discipline.

Tony Cearns

After a long career in Industry and Commerce, Tony Cearns is a now a postgraduate student in philosophy looking into questions concerning aesthetics and language. He writes about photography and runs a blog on the aesthetics of street photography at

Virgil Roger

I'm a young, self taught photographer, inexorably drawn to analog grain and black and white prints. Geometry soothes me while people rather scare me, I see the world as a multitude of details, sounds and images, and can't seem to shoot color. Coffee and HP5+ fuel me, always a camera by my side.

Walter Rothwell

Walter has exhibited in Britain, Europe and the USA and has work held in private collections and the collection of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France. He is a member of the Street Photography International collective.


Film waster, Instax lover, cheating with digital once in a while. I believe in photos that you can hold in your hands.All instax in my tweets are my own.




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