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Author: Tom Rayfield

Finding Film part nine: Fumbling Fuji NEOPAN Acros 100

In my last article, I discussed my adventures with the Lomography Lady Gray 400. This came at the tail end of my shoot, which was initially planned to exclusively involve Fuji Acros 100 (NEOPAN), but the Lomography turned up on the shoot day for the NEOPAN, so I took it along for the ride and shot some of that too. The contents of this article happened before the last article, making this the prequel, if you will. At the beginning of the shoot I had 2 rolls of NEOPAN with me, and was ready to give it a proper...

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Finding Film part eight: Getting to know my Lady Gray 400

Before I start this entry in the series, just a small disclaimer: Lomography UK very kindly sent me some film to try out for the #FindingFilm series – thanks guys, I really appreciate that. Some of it was colour, which I am not entirely sure what to do with, as it is majorly out of my comfort zone…but one of the packs they sent was some Lomography Lady Gray, which is a 400 speed black and white film. Whilst Lomography sent me the films, I am still going to be my usual honest self when reviewing, and am not...

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Finding film part seven: Let there be light AKA a disaster with Delta – Tom Rayfield

Hello again, EMULSIVE readers. It’s been a while since I did one of these (having looked back through Lightroom, my last images were taken some 7 weeks ago at the time of writing), as life seems to keep getting in the way of my creativity. Feeling a little cooped up I was definitely eager to head out with the camera again. So I grabbed a new film for me, Ilford Delta 400 Professional and headed out for my favourite woodland. I also took Delta 100 Professional with me, as I wasn’t 100% of what weather to expect but never...

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Street photography challenge with Agfa Vista Plus 200 by Tom Rayfield

Following on from Sandeep and his close-up challenge, I am next in line for the Emulsive challenge of shooting outside of my comfort zone. For those of you following my Finding Film series, you will know that I shoot a lot of black and white film. Even when working with digital, I tend to shoot more black and white than anything else. So it only seemed natural (read: punishment) that I would shoot colour to step away from where I was most comfortable. Sure, I have shot colour before, and the concept isn’t that alien to me. So I...

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Finding film part four: ILFORD FP4+ strikes back – Tom Rayfield

Welcome back to my year long series discovering film stocks: finding film. This week’s article takes a slight deviation from the norm, in that I am using a film I have already used before; ILFORD FP4+. However, all with good reason, dear reader. Lately, I have found myself in a bit of a photographic rut. Whilst I am still enjoying the process, the developing and other elements of the photographic experience/community, I am getting a little frustrated by my results. Maybe it is the constant experimentation and changes with different films, or maybe it is because I am still...

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Finding film part three: Czeching out Fomapan – Tom Rayfield

Welcome to part three of my journey with film in 2017. As you read in part one and part two, throughout 2017 I’ll be sharing my experiences with different medium format films and developers – all new to me. For part three I decided to go with Fomapan… Fomapan is known for being cheap, and I was curious to see whether this was for a reason, or whether this would be my next film of choice. With winter still in full force here in the UK, the weather was once again grey, overcast and not very pleasant, so I chose two rolls of...

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Finding film part two: expanding my horizons with Kodak Tri-X 400, Rodinal and Ilford DD-X – Tom Rayfield

Welcome to part two of my journey with film in 2017. As you read in part one, I’ll be using this series to share my experiences throughout 2017 with different films and developers – all new to me – along with what I learn along the way. For this, part two, I’ll be discussing my experiences with Kodak Tri-X 400 in medium format using both Rodinal and Ilford DD-X as my developers of choice. Here we go.     Expanding my horizons Having shot nothing but Ilford FP4+ up to this moment, I decided to choose something different (not made...

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Finding film part one: experiences so far – Tom Rayfield

Hello EMULSIVE community! My name is Tom Rayfield, by day I am a secondary school teacher from Norfolk, UK. I am a passionate film shooter, who loves to shoot medium format black and white film photography. I develop all of my film, in a darkroom that I built myself last year. Over the coming weeks and months I plan to shoot my way through the different medium format black and white films on the market, using a range of developer combinations and techniques to find my favourite combination. I will be sharing my experiences here on EMULSIVE, but before that, let...

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