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Author: Rob Davie

Camera Review: Me and my Mamiya RB67 Pro-S by Rob Davie

Having read a couple of reviews on EMULSIVE from proud owners of other medium format gear (Daniel J. Schneider and his Pentax 6×7, Laidric Stevenson and his Bronica GS1 and of course the Rolleicord Vb by Shawn Mozmode), I just had to chip in with my review of the Grand Battleship of Medium Format aka my Mamiya RB67 Pro-S!     History of the Mamiya RB67 The Mamiya RB67 was designed to stand alongside Mamiya’s equally robust C series of 6×6 TLRs and was launched in 1970. It went through a few iterations before production eventually stopped in the early 2000’s. 30+...

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Add to queue: interviewing Ben Horne by Rob Davie

  Introducing Add to Queue Welcome to the first in what I am hoping will become a series of articles each focusing on a particular YouTube video maker who specialises in film photography. First up is one of my absolute favourites, a photographer who travels into some of the wild places in the US with a large 8×10 field camera and camping gear packed into his SUV, complete with film refrigerator! His trips to Death Valley, Zion National Park and Neon Canyon have been inspirational to me and his channel was key to me deciding to purchase a Mamiya...

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Photostory: Bars – Mamiya RB67 at the Yorkshire Museum of Farming

The York Photographic Society have a large membership of active enthusiasts, at least 50 or so. I am the only one that uses film regularly and that’s a little bit sad I think. The members I have met to date have all been fascinated and amazed that I am using a 1970’s/80’s Mamiya RB67 rather than the latest Olympus with focus stacking…. I am guessing that anyone reading this probably fully understand the charm and pleasure of the slow, considered process that film enforces, especially when shooting medium and large format film. Anyway, at one of the last events of...

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