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Author: Philip Harrison

A word on: Cinestill 800T (35mm) – by Phil Harrison

I thought CineStillFilm 800T would be a fun film to try and used my Leica M2 and Summarit-M 50mm f2.5 lens (with lens hood) to shoot a roll in and around the Manchester Art Museum, Rylands Library and the surrounds. I thought these locations would be ideal for low level, mixed artificial light photography. For the indoors aspect, I rated the film at EI 800. For the outdoors element, I rated at the film at EI 500, exposing for shadow detail. I should not that for all my daylight photography I used a Wratten 85C gel filter (should have been an...

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Film review: a first look at FILM FERRANIA P30®Alpha – by Philip Harrison

EMULSIVE: As film photography practitioners, you’ll hopefully be familiar with the release of FILM Ferrania’s FERRANIA P30®Alpha 35mm black and white film, announced on Feb 1st 2017. Some of you will have managed to snag a few rolls during preorder window in March, and with word of orders hitting postboxes across the globe, I’m proud to be able to bring you Philip Harrison’s first look at this brand new film stock for 2017. Over to you, Philip.     Introduction FILM Ferrania’s P30® emulsion was initially produced to test the coating process at the newly opened FILM Ferrania factory, however they...

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