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Author: Lorraine Healy

Camera review: Me and my Lomography LCA 120 by Lorraine Healy

The LCA 120 camera is part of the LCA family of cameras, but I believe it is the only one which is a creation of the Lomography Society and not a reworking of the old U.S.S.R . Lomo cameras—which, as far as I know, were all 35mm. I spent a long time wondering whether to get this camera or not. At $430 it seemed very pricey (I still think it is) but I was really loving the images by other photographers which I saw posted on the Lomography site. A month after I bought it, having shot only maybe...

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Travelogue: Moroccan autumn – Lorraine Healy

In October 2015 I spent 10 days in Morocco with a small group of photographers led by Lee Frost, the renowned English landscape photographer. Morocco is a photographer’s delight, a place of maze-like medinas (old towns) filled to the brim with artisans and craftspeople plying ancient trades: leather dying and tooling, metal-working, carpet weaving, bread making in communal ovens. It is a country habituated to tourism of every kind, safe, quite open to Westerners toting gigantic cameras. Going with a photographer who has taken groups to the area for years, though, made a huge difference in terms of not...

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