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Author: Jonas Lundström

FILMSWAP review #03 – EASTMAN DOUBLE-X (5222) by Jonas Lundström

EMULSIVE: By way of a quick preface, regular readers and followers of EMULSIVE-related ramblings on Twitter will be familiar with our Interview and Photographer’s Daypack series should be familiar with Jonas Lundström. In fact, Jonas was also the man behind our very first #filmswap and one of the films he sent over was the subject of our very first FILMSWAP review. Well, he’s back and this time it’s to give us his take on the EASTMAN DOUBLE-X (5222) from Kodak black and white film we sent him back about three months ago. Over to you, Jonas.     Hello everyone, it’s me Jonas Lundström and...

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The photographer’s daypack part 3: Toy camera style

Well, it seems like we hit a nerve with Jonas Lundström and he’s out for blood. With all the hubbub surrounding Holga Week 2015, he wrote in to complain softly ask why we haven’t yet featured any “toy cameras”. Well, we’ve got news for you, Jonas…the first picture in our first article was taken by yours truly on my very own Plastic Fantastic™. Anyway, being the benevolent overlord kind sort of person that I am, I invited Jonas to give us his take on what kind of daypack the toy camera / Holga / Diana / Plastic Fantastic shooter should be...

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