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Author: Isabel Curdes

Lens love: shooting the Kodak Aero Ektar 7″ f/2.5 aka how I found my Kodak Aero Ektar, or how it found me by Isabel Curdes

Up until the day I was able to call it “mine” I had never heard about the Burnett-Combo or David Burnett and I was completely unaware of the cult status of Kodak’s Aero Ektar lens. So why did I buy it? The answer is simply impulse and intuition. I think it makes sense to pause there for a moment and travel back in time to the beginning of 2016…cue the squiggly lines.     Moved by movements At the beginning of 2016 I was experimenting with camera movements on a Hasselblad Flexbody. It was a revelation, as it helped me...

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