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Welcome to #TMAXParty 2017 – Celebrating Kodak TMAX 100, 400 and 3200 in any format of your choice

Walking in the very large footprints of FP4Party is the first film party brought to you by EMULSIVE in 2017 – welcome to #TMAXParty!

Shoot a roll or sheet of any version of Kodak T-MAX, new or old in any format you wish during the “shoot weeks” listed below of each month and share your results on Twitter during each “post week” using the#TMAXParty hashtag and by tagging @TMAX_Party.

It’s as simple as that. We’ll collect the best images submitted each shoot week and feature them right here on EMULSIVE for all to see.

Here’s the roster for the next two months:

March 2017
Shoot week: 6th – 12th
Dev week: 13th -19th
Post week: 20th – 26th

April 2017
Shoot week: 3rd – 9th
Dev week: 10th -16th
Post week: 17th – 23rd

…and some samples for you.

Kodak T-MAX 400 (120 - 6x6) shot at EI 25600

Kodak T-MAX 400 (120 – 6×6) shot at EI 25600

Kodak T-MAX 400 (120 - 6x6) shot at EI 800

Kodak T-MAX 400 (120 – 6×4.5) shot at EI 800

Kodak T-MAX 400 (120 - 6x6) shot at EI 400

Kodak T-MAX 400 (120 – 6×6) shot at EI 400

Kodak T-MAX 100 (120 - 6x6) shot at EI 100

Kodak T-MAX 100 (120 – 6×6) shot at EI 100

Looking forward to seeing what you all create!





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Self confessed film-freak and filmphotography mad-obsessive. I push, pull, shoot, boil and burn film everyday, and I want to share what I learn. It might not all be right but it's a start.


  1. Just picked up my first roll of T-Max 400 ever!

  2. I’m pretty excited by this, I hope it turns a few heads.

  3. Yay !



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