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Calling contributors – tell us about your gear

Thanks for stopping by.

The driving force behind EMULSIVE is knowledge transfer, specifically engendering more of it in the film photography community. I do what I can through this website and the @EMULSIVEfilm Twitter account but we need more. This is where you come in.

You’ll soon be seeing the beginning of a series of occasional articles, featuring the experiences of film photographers and the gear they use day in, day out. You can call them user reviews, because that’s what they are.

How do they differ from everything else you find up and down the internet?

Simple, they’re written by people like you, who understand that the cameras and lenses they use might not be suited for every single photographic endeavour. They’re written to inform others who might be considering making the same purchase, what to expect from a particular perspective. Finally, they’re written from the point of view of people who have lived with their gear and are passionate about it – good or bad.

I’ve had GAS like the best of you and suffered from buyers remorse like most of you. Whilst my own kit list has grown, shrunk and grown again over the years, there are always burning little itches that need to be scratched. This is where you come in.

The crucial point it that reviews won’t be limited to just one per camera, or lens. Everyone has their own views and it’s important that a fair hearing will be given to all.

What might be perfect for one, may well be junk to another.

To get involved, all you need to do is send a submission via the contact page, or even better, send an email using the form below. Thanks for reading.


About The Author


Self confessed film-freak and filmphotography mad-obsessive. I push, pull, shoot, boil and burn film everyday, and I want to share what I learn. It might not all be right but it's a start.


  1. @BelieveInFilm a Minolta Freedom Escort QD perhaps.

  2. @BelieveInFilm I have about 50 film cameras but lately have been working on Salt Printing, as developed by Talbot around 1839.

  3. @BelieveInFilm Mine is like 6 of the same camera lol

  4. You’re welcome to anything on my site. Get at me.

  5. @BelieveInFilm Do you approve the articles before writing, or after? I want to contribute, I’m just a tad confused 🙂

  6. @BelieveInFilm I have a huge collection, but use one of 2 identical lenses, one emulsion, one of two similar bodies.


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