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Month: March 2016

Camera review: Me and my Rolleicord Vb – by Shawn Mozmode (aka everything you ever wanted to know about a Rolleicord but were afraid to ask)

Here’s the wonderful Shawn Mozmode to give us his take on his upright beauty, the Rolleicord Vb. Over to you, Shawn!     Me and my Rolleicord Vb – by Shawn Mozmode Diane Arbus, Vivian Maier, Imogen Cunningham, Fritz Henle and Richard Avedon all shot with a Rollei. A Rollei was present when Sir John Hunt’s expedition became the first team to reach the summit of Mount Everest and a year later Hans Hass began using a Rollei for undersea flash photography. Robert Capa and Ken Bell each trusted the Rollei for their wartime photography efforts. Countless celebrities including...

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I am Jon Wilkening and this is why I shoot film

Grab a tall drink and make yourself comfortable. It’s time for a little look into the journey of Jon Wilkening, producer and purveyor of the strangest and most mesmerizing pinhole photography I’ve ever been lucky enough to see – this coming from someone who finds it rather difficult to get into the pinhole aesthetic. High praise? See for yourself. Over to you, Jon!     Hi Jon, what’s this picture, then?   This shot changed how I approached pinhole photography. I abandoned the tripod for the first time and handheld my f/192 pinhole camera as the pair waited to cross the...

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Out for a stroll – Ilford FP4+

Ilford FP4+ shot at EI 800 Black and white negative film in 120 format shot as 6×6 2+2/3 stop push   Like this photo? Digital and physical media are available on request. Please share this image if you like it, or leave a message in the comments....

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Free download: large format camera grid overlay screen

In recent years I’ve turned into more of a do-it-yourself kind of guy. From starting leatherwork a few years back, to getting knee deep other crafts, hacks and mods. Whilst I’m not the kind of person you’ll find extolling the virtues of customizing Ikea furniture, if I feel I can make something myself, then I’ll give it a try…even if I end up purchasing the object I tried to make further on down the line. It’s something I do partly in the name of getting exactly what I want and partly for the unique buzz I get from the...

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Camera review: Me and my Olympus MJU-II (Stylus Epic) – Bob Rhodes

Today, we’re handing over to Bob Rhodes, who’s here to give us a short review of the Olympus µ[mjuː]-II, aka the Olympus Stylus Epic, aka the MJU-II (for those of us who can’t find the right characters on our keyboards). Over to you Bob.   Camera review: Me and my Olympus MJU-II (Stylus Epic) – Bob Rhodes I’d been scouring eBay for one of these cameras for ages. Prices can be ridiculous, varying from £30-odd to £100’s….! It’s a case of playing the long game, watching every one that comes up for sale and waiting for a bargain. The one which...

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One to go, please – Kodak EKTACHROME 100VS – E100VS (120)

One to go, please Kodak EKTACHROME 100VS – E100VS shot at EI 200 Color reversal (slide) film in 120 format shot as 6×6 Expired, push processed 1-stop and cross processed     Contribute to EMULSIVE EMULSIVE NEEDS YOU. The driving force behind EMULSIVE is knowledge transfer, specifically engendering more of it in the film photography community. You can help by contributing your thoughts, work and ideas.Help drive an open, collaborative community – all you need do is drop us a line and we’ll work something out....

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Bulk loading 120 film using 65mm Kodak 250D (5207)

In June 2015 I was lucky enough to source a fresh 300ft short-end of Kodak’s 250D (Vision 3 5207) motion picture stock in 65mm format. You probably already know, I really, really like shooting this film in 35mm and it’s become my go-to color negative film stock in lieu of nearly everything else – my 250D review can be found here. I’d been looking for some for a while, so when the chance came to buy some, I jumped at the chance to give 120 bulk loading a try. For those of you not familiar with buying motion picture film...

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I am Bob St. Cyr and this is why I shoot film

Today we’re sitting down with native Saskatchewanian, Bob St. Cyr. Bob’s had a lifelong love affair with film photography and it’s one which shows no sign of abating. There’s a lot to cover, so time for me to take a back seat and let Bob do the talking. Over to you, Bob.     What’s this picture, then?   This picture is a direct-positive print exposed on ILFORD fibre paper through with my 4×5 Harman-Titan pinhole camera. It is of a persimmon tree inside the grounds of Three Shadows Photographic Art Centre in Beijing, China where I was teaching a couple of workshops...

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Camera review: Me and my Bronica GS1 – Laidric Stevenson

I’ll be talking about the least talked about model in a criminally underrated brand….the Bronica GS1. Specifically, I’ll be discussing the camera in the light of the following questions: “I’m buying my first medium format camera, any recommendations?” “I want a medium format camera, but I don’t know which one, help!” “Going medium format, but I’m clueless, where do I start?” Over the last 15 years or so, the professional market has moved to digital. Medium format film camera prices have dropped dramatically, and photographers have been able to buy gear at fractions of what it cost new. Film-loving photographers, eager to...

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I am Robert L. Jones and this is why I shoot film

Describing himself as, “barely removed from being a baby-boomer”, we got to know of Robert and his work through the previously featured, Aimee Lower. One thing led to another and here we are today, with a chance to get to learn more about the man and his photography. Less is more, so enough from me and over to you, Robert.   Hi Robert, what’s this picture, then? I took this photograph of the Interstate Grain Terminals in Corpus Christi, Texas, in May 2000. It’s part of an ongoing series I’m working on, Concrete Cathedrals. But, while it works very...

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